PostgreSQL Training

In this course you will gain working knowledge and skills needed to perform PostgreSQL Administration tasks including: PostgreSQL architecture, configuration, maintenance, backups, recovery, writing functions, replication, and monitoring.
This class is for PostgreSQL DBAs and Developers. This course is intense and covers many topics over 4 days.

After being lectured on a topic, students will gain hands-on experience by performing lab exercises on the presented material. A laptop is provided for each student.

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Length in Days: 4

This course is offered on PostgreSQL 9.4. PostgreSQL is an exceptional relational DBMS that supports most SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, triggers and user-defined types and functions. It is by far the most useful open-source database available, and The Modern Course offers the most comprehensive PostgreSQL training available anywhere.


The class runs four hours daily


The cost of the training is $1799.00 for onsite training, $750 for live online webinar, and $350 for access to a prerecorded webinar session
After you register you may pay online, by phone, or print an invoice. Registering online will reserve your seat for the specified date.


This course is for anyone who is tasked with administering a PostgreSQL database. Students attending this course should be familiar with SQL and feel comfortable working in a Linux/UNIX -type environment.

Course Outline

Day 1 (Monday):

PostgreSQL Installation and Configuration

* Installation and configuration
* Using psql
* Databases and Schemas
* Tablespaces
* Users, Groups, and Permissions
* Logging Server Activity
* Write-Ahead Log Methods

Day 2 (Tuesday):

PostgreSQL Administration Topics of Interest:

* Backing Up and Restoring
* Monitoring the Server
* SQL and Querying the database
* Large Objects
* Transactions and Locks

Day 3 (Wednesday):

PostgreSQL Administration Continued:

* Concurrent Indexing
* Full Text Indexing and Searching
* Understanding Query Plans
* Indexes & Advanced Optimization
* Vacuum and the Free Space Map
* Streaming Replication
* Session Pooling
* Views/Rules

Day 4 (Thursday):

PostgreSQL For Developers

* Extending the Server with SQL and PL/pgSQL Functions
* Extending the Server with C
* Extending the Server with Java
* Extending the Server with Perl
* Window Functions
* Triggers and Rules
* Accessing PostgreSQL Using libpq

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